These designs were printed at sites including Shirt.Woot, ThreadlessDesign By HumansGoodJoe and Tilteed.


If you're interested in obtaining printing rights to any of these designs, email me for details.

available designs

When I create a web site, it is to solve a specific problem.

Compete-tee-tion was born when I realized that although there were many sites holding t-shirt design contests, there was no one place to find out about them all. TeeMagnet arose out of a desire to compare all the shirts being sold on a single day, so that consumers (and fans!) could easily compare them and make the best purchases. After seeing multiple designers ask about how the quality was at various Direct to Garment printing sites, I ordered products from each of the industry leaders and directly contrasted them at Point Click Apparel. Most recently, I began playing the game Minecraft and put together Minecult as a destination for all the best videos being made in that very creative upcoming game.

They're simple sites that deliver information quickly and effectively- and it's information you usually can't find easily anywhere else.